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How to start to play on our server? | English

For that what to start to play on our server, you should make the following:

1. To download game here either here or here (90mb) or who has MuOnline a game, we swing a patch here (36 mb) either here or here and to install patch. Patch it is necessary to unpack in a folder with game. The patch should replace files in game for connection to our server.

2. We swing Updater here either here or here either here or here. It is swung, we lay down this file in a folder with game and it is pressed in left in the bottom corner: " Check For New Version. "
We wait while he will download new starting file.

If Updater does not swing or does not work, it is swung starting file manually
here or here (1mb) Also we unpack in a folder with game

5. To register a game account in game. Here registration of a game name .

6. It is possible to play starting mu.exe it is important: In case of if at you at start file mu.exe starting file at once it is closed, and in a file: launcher_errors.log, which is in the catalogue with game such mistake error is written here: " Exception: Failed to get data for ' Resolution ' " download archive here , here , unpack it him in any place and click two times on a file MuOnlineLosena.reg, will agree with addition of data in the register then it will be informed that data are successfully added. After that can start a file mu.exe

If you had problems on game-write on a forum , in details specify your problem, before creation of a subject use search, it sometimes

*Who does not see new monsters, the request to download this a folder or here Data and will unpack and will replace it on new in a folder with game.

*This patch can be downloaded if it is not pleasant to you as things in game look. It will a little change them.He will a little change them. We swing here or here or here .

*Who wishes to see Devias In the New Year's kind, a patch we take here or here .

*Who the new interface, the non-standard, green cursor, there will want a head of the skulls, new pictures, swings folder Data from here. or from here the Password on Архив:losena.ru
* Who does not like the interface with heads of skulls can download the original interface here or here . It is necessary to unpack it in folder with game in folder Data

*Want at occupancy of game, a trade mark from our server (Losena)? We Swing this
here or a file , we copy this file in folder Data \Local c replacement of an original file. And everything, at you a beautiful trade mark!!!

*At whom a problem with English can download translator here or here or here .Games it was tested on Windows Rus 2000-ХР-Center Edition-2003,SP2.

The patch for those who not to enter into shelters lays here or here.

Уважаемый посетитель, Вы зашли на сайт как незарегистрированный пользователь. Мы рекомендуем Вам зарегистрироваться либо войти на сайт под своим именем.Релизы от losena.ru для незарегистрированных скрыты=).



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